Upcoming Adventures

Wow! What a summer. Bermuda to route for Team USA Oracle and then Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, and we’re wrapping up the summer in Maine before starting a slow migration south. Next up?


From Maine, we’ll make our way to Boston to visit some New England friends, and spend some time in the Paul Revier’s home town. There is a lot of history here and I’m anxious to share some of it with Michelle.

Annapolis Boat Show

annapolisWe want to spend a couple of weeks in Annapolis around the time of the 2017 fall boat shows. The show starts around October 9, so we should be in that general area around that time. After the shows, we’ll likely spend a few weeks gunk-holing around the Chesapeake Bay.

Washington DC

As we exit the south end of the Chesapeake, we’re thinking about hooking a hard right and cruising up the Potomac and possibly spending a couple of weeks on the banks of Washington DC.

Back to Florida

Once we leave the Chesapeake, we’ll likely have 20-30 days to get down to Florida and get the boat put away before heading back to Texas for the Christmas Holidays, Family Visits, and Annual Doctors’ Appointments.

Winter/Spring 2018 in the Bahamas

bahamasWe’re looking forward to getting back down to the Exumas and then exploring further south in to the Raggeds and perhaps the Turks and Caicos during the winter/spring of 2018.


Summer 2018- Newfoundland and Labrador

We had such a great time in Canada during summer 2017 and we feel we just barely scratched the surface. If all goes well in the balance of 2017 and early 2018, we’ll be headed back north as quickly as the weather will allow.

That’s a long plan for almost a full year. ALL of our plans are fluid and we’ll adjust as needed to accommodate our latest whim. After all, isn’t that what cruising is all about?



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