Upcoming Adventures

Here are our plans for 2019/2020: 

Summer/Fall 2019

Family is important to Michelle and me and unfortunately the cruising life doesn’t always allow us to spend time with our loved ones. So we’ve decided to take this summer off from cruising and bring Roam back to Texas so that we can be close to family and also do some much needed boat maintenance projects. We’ve rented a slip in League City (near Houston) as that gets us close to my Dad and within range of Michelle’s parents (they live in the hill country in central Texas – no navigable rivers up that way!).

We also want to take several weeks and do an immersion Spanish class in Mexico. This will come in handy for our 2020 plans… 

Winter/Spring 2020

When we leave Texas, we’ll do a northern circuit across the Gulf of Mexico and then down the west coast of Florida. We hope to cross Florida via Lake Okeechobee and then across to the Bahamas for the winter/spring. 

Summer 2020

It seems like a long way out, but we’re currently planning to head south via the eastern Caribbean route (Mexico, Honduras, etc.) during the summer of 2020. Stay tuned for more details as they reveal themselves to us… 🙂

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