Thoughts on Crossing to Bermuda


The crew of Roam for our crossing to Bermuda. Mark & Michele (left) and Clark & Michelle (right). (and Tugboat & Sailor)

I’ve been slow to post any thoughts on our crossing to Bermuda, mainly because our cruising mates, Mark & Michelle Cole have already posted some great pictures on their blog, and our friends and buddy boaters, Clayton and Deanna on the Nordhavn 50, Tivoli posted beautifully written daily updates of the trip which were more poetry than blog (  I hope you’ll take the time to read their posts and “favorite” them for future reading. So many cruising blogs are painful to read; that’s not the case with these sites.

The NAP fleet heading out of Palm Beach. 4 of the fleet are headed on to Europe and two of us will stay in Bermuda for the AC races, then head north to Nova Scotia for the summer.

We left Old Port Cove on May 17 with the NAP rally, were abandoned by the fleet when Roam proved to be too slow for them (N50 Tivoli was considerate enough to stay with us), and we arrived in St. Georges just after midnight on May 23.

The weather wasn’t always perfect, but the rough days fade quickly from memory and we hold on to the best days of the trip. We caught fish, napped, laughed, watched movies, read, and ate very well throughout. The sunrises and sunsets were fantastic and we even caught a great green flash on camera one evening.

We’ve found a great anchorage in the Great Sound, not far from Hamilton Harbor and Tivoli is anchored about 100 yards away from us. We’re all set for the races! Bring it on!!!

Tugboat relaxing in his new throne – “Big Joe”

Michele on watch

Look for the green flash in the middle of this picture. Awesome!!

Sailor loves to sit in the sun a the top of the steps leading to the Pilot House. She has a great view out the Main Saloon windows.

Nordhavn flag on the bow of Tivoli



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  1. Donald E Turner
      May 28, 2017

    Thanks for sharing Michelle and Clark! Enjoy…….great being part of your “virtual” crew!

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