And We’re Off!

Sailor saying a prayer for our safe voyage.

We’ll be leaving the dock within a couple of hours, headed for Bermuda. The trip is approximately 950 miles and should take us just over 6 days. There are no seaside hotels, or even seedy motels along the way and with water depths over 1,000 feet for most of the way, there are no places to stop and anchor. We’ll each take 3 hour shifts and share the responsibility of piloting throughout the day and night. Michelle and I have our friends Mark & Michele aboard from the Manta Catamaran Reach.

The crew, ready to go!

If you want to follow us, here is a link that will show you our exact location via satellite tracking:, If you want to see our path, you can click on the link on the bottom of that page to see more detail.

Michele, enjoying a break between tasks to get Roam and her crew ready to go.

Mark is studying the weather.

Tugboat on his “Thrown,” the Bean Bag Chair.

Michelle testing out the couch.

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  1. Mark Haley
      May 17, 2017

    Fetch Me the Horizon – O’ Happy Day!
    All the work, all the prep & all the prayer makes a good sailor!

    We’ll be watching & praying for a safe voyage with you.

    Fair Skies & Following Seas,

  2. Donald E Turner
      May 17, 2017

    Is this you longest “open sea” journey? Ramsey and I will be saying our prayers daily! Enjoy

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