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And We’re Off!

We’ll be leaving the dock within a couple of hours, headed for Bermuda. The trip is approximately 950 miles and should take us just over 6 days. There are no seaside hotels, or even seedy motels along the way and with water depths over 1,000 feet for most of the way, there are no places […]

Smokey Shakedown Cruise!

To be honest, on our last boat (a 40 foot Manta sailing catamaran called Double Wide) I never did a shakedown sail before any of our extended cruises. We just fixed what we knew was broken (if we thought it was important), loaded the boat with groceries, and set out for new adventures. But ROAM, […]

It’s time to go

Last week, Michelle and I flew back to Texas for my retirement party. I have been so lucky over the years. I’ve been able to work with some interesting and brilliant people. Our clients have appreciated and valued the work we do for them. I must admit that I actually enjoyed going to the office on […]

Christmas in the Bahamas

Michelle and I have been married for 28 years and we have ALWAYS spent Christmas with either her family or mine and often, both. We love being with family and enjoying the traditions of the holidays. This year we decided to change it up a bit and have Christmas in the Abacos, Bahamas. We invited […]

Randy the Manatee

We had a fantastic time rambling around in the Abacos in December and January. I didn’t spend much time blogging, mainly because it’s an area that Michelle and I had spent quite a bit of time in over the years on our former Manta 40 sailing catamaran “Double Wide.” That being said, we did get […]

Christmas Comes Early Aboard Roam

Christmas came early for Michelle and me! But there were no trinkets under the tree, there wasn’t a shiny new banana seat bike Parked in the living room, and there definitely wasn’t a new BMW in the garage. Our Christmas gift to each other was a trip to the Bahamas. Getting across should be simple. […]

West Palm Maintenance Run

Michelle and I spent most of October back in Texas and Roam sat patiently waiting for our return. Michelle had commitments that would keep her in Texas in November as well, but with a cruise to the Bahamas coming up quickly and a list of “must have” boat projects waiting, I headed back to Florida […]

Key West or Bust – Part 2 (on to KW)

August 31-September 1 Maintenance completed, we were up early to make a speed run down to Key West. Our plan was to go offshore at the Lake Worth Inlet, near Palm Beach, and make an overnight run direct to KW, but rough weather offshore and an ominous sky to the south turned us around within […]