Key West or Bust – Part 2 (on to KW)

August 31-September 1 Maintenance completed, we were up early to make a speed run down to Key West. Our plan was to go offshore at the Lake Worth Inlet, near Palm Beach, and make an overnight run direct to KW, but rough weather offshore and an ominous sky to the south turned us around within […]

Key West or Bust – Part 1 (South to Palm Beach)

August 27 We left Stuart and the slimy green, and dangerously toxic, water surrounding Sunset Bay Marina (not the marina’s fault – I blame “Big Sugar” for the serious pollution of Lake Okeechobee and the St. Lucie River). We managed to shimmy past the shoaling at “The Crossroads” which is where the ICW and the […]

Time in the Yard

On Monday, July 11, we took Roam down to West Palm Beach to be pulled out of the water at Seminole Marine for a bottom job and to do a couple of other projects. We were pulled before lunch and quickly realized why Seminole Marine was had so few boats in the yard — it is […]

Disconnecting – One Line at a Time

We have always thought that when we decided to move aboard our boat, we would rent our home so that we would have a place to come home to in the future. We didn’t want to be one of those couples that sold everything to move on a boat. And besides, we love our home […]

It’s Party Time!

We had a Manta Mini-Migration party today at Sunset Bay Marina. The plan was to take our old Manta friends out for an afternoon cruise aboard Roam, but about the time the crews started showing one of those famous Florida afternoon thunderstorms flared up and we decided to stay at the dock, have a couple of […]

Bottom Cleaning

We will be leaving for Texas tomorrow (5/30), so we need to wrap up a few things before we go. The bottom paint is really tired, so I wanted to get the boat out of the nasty, slimy river water that slips past us here at Sunset Bay Marina in Stuart so that I could […]

Moving Day!

Yesterday was moving day on Roam. When we sold our Manta 40 Catamaran a couple of months ago, we unloaded our 10 years of accumulations and put it all in a 5X8 (or 10?) storage locker in Palmetto Florida. So, we had to go get it and integrate our stuff in to all the equipment, […]

On our own

Today we took Roam out for our maiden voyage! Grabbing a couple of sandwiches from the marina cafeteria, we headed south toward West Palm Beach for a quick shakedown cruise. From the flybridge, we ate our sandwiches and had a liesurely trip down the ICW. We wanted to run the generator for the day to […]