Slow Ride South

  “Step on a Crack and you break your mother’s back.” That old children’s poem is stuck in my brain as we pick our way south through the lobster pots scattered across the waters of Maine. They carpet the surface, in waters from just a few feet off the shoreline to over 300 feet deep […]

Goodbye Nova Scotia…Hello Maine!

We left Lunenburg, NS unexpectedly last week and headed directly for Southwest Harbor, Maine. What I mean is, we had planned on leaving on Friday (August 25), but the weather forecast for the 32 hour passage changed and when we woke up on Thursday morning, we realized that the best day to leave was Thursday […]

Around Halifax…

We have been in Halifax for the past few days, getting Roam ready to start the migration south to Florida. We’re staying in a slip at the Royal Nova Scotia Yacht Squadron, the oldest continuously operating yacht club in North America (1837). RNSYS is a very active and youthful club. Every day, there are dozens […]

Newfoundland-There’s So Much to See!

Motoring just offshore along the Newfoundland coast, we make a turn to port and head directly at a 600 foot high wall of granite, partially obscured by fog. Not until we get a hundred yards from what appears to be certain destruction of Roam, do we see the 150-200 foot wide opening that gives way […]

Cabot Trail & Puffins!

A couple of weeks ago, we decided to take a vacation from our vacation and along with our guests, Mark Cole and Michele Kelly, and our friends Clayton & Deanna Naeve from the Nordhavn 50, Tivoli, we rented a van and headed up to wonderful Cape Breton Island. According to the internet (which is always […]

Lunenburg – A Beautiful Destination with a Dark Past

Our destination from Bermuda was Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, a quaint little tourist town with a dark past. Founded in the 1750’s, Lunenburg was a perfect, well protected harbor for Cod Fishermen. Over the centuries, hardy fishermen ventured out in to the grey Atlantic in small boats. Fishing was crude and inefficient in the early days. […]

Bermuda to Lunenburg Nova Scotia

I won’t bore you with log entries for the 4 1/2 day trip from St. Georges, Bermuda to Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, other than to say that the distance was 725 miles, we made the trip in relatively benign weather and like all good extended passages, it was MOSTLY boring (that’s a good thing). Occasionally, we’ll […]

The Love Affair Continues…

We arrived in Bermuda on May 25th. I fell in love on May 26th and the love affair continues. With no AC racing going on this week, we’ve been spending quite a bit of time ashore. Everywhere you look are lush gardens full of beautiful flowers and plants. Here’s a quick view of some of […]